In Italian, mangia literally means eat. But when an Italian grandmother says "mangia!" she means something more. She wants you to eat heartily, to enjoy every bite, and to know your meal was prepared with much familial love. This same spirit is what we hope to promote in Mangia! recipe books.

The original Mangia! recipe book series is a compilation of traditional Sicilian recipes, re-written for children ages 4 and up.  These are not your typical children's cookbooks. You'll find no fancy cupcakes, funny party foods, or playful snacks here. Rather, the Mangia! series focuses on healthful meals young chefs can really help prepare. In many ways, these recipes are an invitation for families to return to table.

Now, Baby Doll press has topped-off its series with a new release: Mangia! dolci,a mom-and-me book of sweet sicilian recipes. It contains traditional cookie and pastry recipes written as much for kids as for the adults that help them in the kitchen.

The complete series, sold as individual soft cover books, now includes:
Mangia! macaroni (traditional pasta dishes)
Mangia! zuppa (all about soups), 
Mangia! insalata (all about salads), 
Mangia! dolci (all about sweets)

We hope you'll try some of our recipes. But mostly we hope you will enjoy family dinners - from soup to sweets - in the way Italians have traditionally taken supper: with joy, enthusiasm, and surrounded by those you love.
Mangia! books are sold by local independent bookstores and online. See Mangia! Cookbooks page for details. Visit us on Facebook@mangiacookbooks

Look for our new release Groovin' in the Kitchen - recipes especially written for teens and tweens!

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